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Ozark Flat Back Bouzouki - Quality Beginners Pack


Standard UK Delivery £8.95

This in a great quality package for aspiring bouzouki players. The bouzouki itself is a nicely made Ozark 2222 Flat Back, which has a very nice tone. This European made bouzouki has a solid spruce top, and solid maple back and sides. It is aimed at the beginner end of the market but is the leading instrument in this price range.

With beginner or starter packs, for bouzouki or any other instrument, often the gear included isn't really up to much. A few low quality items are thrown in with the instrument to make the deal seem better. In our opinion, the best kit should be pooled together for a beginner - after all, learning an instrument takes some committment and cheap and nasty equipment isn't goint to help that at all. That is why our bouzouki starter pack includes a professional standard 20mm padded Warwick gig bag. Also included is a bouzouki chord book and an extremely accurate Boston BTU-300 clip on tuner.

All in all, this bouzouki beginner pack combines the best of both worlds. Enough quality throughout all the components to help any prospective musician on their way. While still remaining at a price that is accessible and sensible. You can buy lower priced bouzouki starter packs but it pays to spend a little bit extra to get a full package that will sound good, look the part and last.


  • Model: 3BZO2222+7ZTUITS+SVOMB61+21BZWDL
  • Brand: Ozark

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