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Primavera Composite Student Cello Bow 4/4 Size


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Many hardwood bows are traditionally made from Pernambuco, a Brazilian hardwood. The supply of this wood, harvested from rainforests continues to diminish. The composite bow therefore represents a better ecological option than a traditional wood bow.

A composite cello bow will equal, if not better, the performance of a wood bow in the same price range. The composite material used is a mixture of fibres and resin that work together. The fibres, like fiberglass, run through the composite material like the grains through natural wood. The resin part of a composite material saturates these fibers and holds them in place.

This bow features an ebony frog, a pearl inlay and cover, with a nickel-silver furrel. It has Mogolian stallion hair and a  three part button with an end pearl.


  • Model: 24CECP4
  • Brand: Primavera

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