Omega Music Online Catalogue

Clicking the ‘View Online Catalogue’ button below will open up our visual ‘page-turning’ representation of our actual catalogue. It is quite a big file so it may take a moment or two to load, but once on screen, you can look through it, zoom in to enlarge and search for specific items using the tools provided. Uploading it is quite a complex job and we only tend to do it twice a year.

We are working on trying to make it interactive, so you can click on a product and transfer it to a prospective order form, but until that is ready, you will have to treat it like an analogue (paper!) catalogue and jot down the codes and details of any items you require, then order through one of two methods

1) Send your order to your usual agent in your country. PLEASE NOTE they will (understandably!) have to add their agency fees to cover the cost of shipping, export/ import paperwork and agency fees to our prices.

2) If your school already has a freight forwarder in the UK, you can post your order to the above address or e-mail us on image We can then raise a Pro-Forma invoice to be paid before the goods are despatched.

Because it is only updated twice a year, if checking prices, you should also click ‘Update sheet for online catalogue’

Omega Music Prices


Omega Music Musical Instrument Delivery

Orders under £150 will be charged £7.50 for delivery to UK freight shipper. Orders over £150 will have free delivery. Cost of delivery from UK to the school will be the responsibility of the agent or freight shipper.